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MAYSI-2 Manual Purchasing Requirements & User Registration

The MAYSI-2 is a copyrighted, proprietary product requiring purchase of the MAYSI-2 User’s Manual and Technical Report, as well as registration of the user with the MAYSI-2 Project. The Manual is purchased from Professional Resource Press.

Pricing (cost in 2020)
$140 plus shipping & handling

The MAYSI-2 Manual

The MAYSI-2 Manual contains complete information to understand its purpose and its scales, as well as instructions for proper administration and interpretive use of the results. It also contains copies of the forms used to administer and score the MAYSI-2.

Purchasing a MAYSI-2 Manual is necessary for both ways that the MAYSI-2 is administered — paper-and-pencil, and web-based (see Methods of MAYSI-2 Administration). Ethics and standards in the test-development world require that users of an evidence-based test must have ready access to its manual to contribute to its proper use.

Registering as a MAYSI-2 User

Within the manual is a registration form that must be signed by the user who is assenting to certain conditions of proper use and agreeing not to disseminate the materials within the Manual.

The completed registration form is emailed to the MAYSI-2 Project at the University of Massachusetts Medical School at

Registration allows the user to print unlimited MAYSI-2 Questionnaires and Scoring Forms for paper-and-pencil administration, but not to photocopy the MAYSI-2 manual itself and not to distribute the MAYSI-2 forms to others or to post them on the internet. Failure to register any “site” (defined below) that uses the MAYSI-2 is a violation of the copyright. Registration also authorizes the user to obtain assistance from the MAYSI-2 Helpdesk.

You May Need More than One MAYSI-2 Manual

Users must purchase one MAYSI-2 Manual for each “site” where the MAYSI-2 will be used.

A “site” is defined as

  1. a single juvenile detention center,
  2. a single juvenile correction facility, or
  3. a juvenile probation office or suite of offices physically located at a single street address.

Thus juvenile probation departments with offices located at several addresses in an urban area must purchase a MAYSI-2 Manual for each address. Likewise, a state administrative office that operates a number of juvenile detention or corrections facilities throughout a state and wishes to use MAYSI-2 at intake at each of the facilities must purchase a manual for each facility.