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Who Uses the MAYSI-2?

The MAYSI-2 Project keeps a registry of MAYSI-2 users nationwide. This is made possible by the requirement that those who purchase a MAYSI-2 manual must register with the MAYSI-2 Project to permit administration of the tool.

As a consequence, the MAYSI-2 Project has a data base of MAYSI-2 registrants for the past fifteen years. Registered users of the MAYSI-2 now number over 2,000 nationwide across the 50 states. Juvenile justice detention centers top the list of users, closely followed by juvenile corrections programs and juvenile probation or diversion programs. 46 states use the MAYSI-2 statewide in all of their juvenile detention, juvenile probation, and/or juvenile corrections programs. It is also used routinely in juvenile justice programs in many nations outside the U.S., and most extensively in the Netherlands and Switzerland. Thus, in the past fifteen years, the MAYSI-2 has become the primary method nationwide for behavioral health brief screening in juvenile justice programs.