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MAYSI-2 Consultation & Training Services

The MAYSI-2 Project provides consultation and training on the MAYSI-2 nationwide. Brief questions by registered MAYSI-2 users often can be answered without charge by email to the MAYSI-2 Helpdesk ( More complex types of consultation, as well as training, are provided for a reasonable fee by the MAYSI-2 Project’s trained, professional staff.


A juvenile justice program can obtain comprehensive consultation to address implementation of MAYSI-2 (see MAYSI-2 Implementation). This level of consultation focuses on the program’s own specific objectives and unique characteristics in the context of its state and agency policies. The objective is to design a plan for implementation that best assures that the program will meet its objective for effective behavioral health screening with the MAYSI-2.

Typically this type of consultation is provided by a series of telephone conversations between program administrators and the MAYSI-2 Project’s staff, including the Director of the MAYSI-2 Project and author of the tool. These conversations are supplemented by email conversations, review of documents sent to the consultants by the program being advised, and assistance in drafting of policies and procedures documents.

Training Services

There are several options of MAYSI-2 training available. The first is a free MAYSI-2 PowerPoint training video that is available to all registered MAYSI-2 users. Please contact the MAYSI-2 Helpdesk ( to request a link to this training.

Additional training is available, for a fee, in two formats – via the web using GoToMeeting or on-site. This additional training usually reviews the importance of mental health screening in juvenile justice settings (i.e., understanding the mental health needs of youth in contact with the juvenile justice system; understanding the need for mental health screening and what it is), and an overview of the MAYSI-2 screening tool (i.e., a complete review of the tool, its clinical scales, and the meaning of scores; a review of specific conditions for administration; and a review of recommended staff responses when youth score positive on MAYSI-2 scales). Post-training technical assistance can also be included for larger statewide systems in the form of periodic telephone conferencing and email to help with implementation and roll-out issues. If you are interested in receiving a quote for these additional training services, please contact the MAYSI-2 Helpdesk (