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Methods of MAYSI-2 Administration

MAYSI-2 may be administered in two ways — paper-and-pencil, or web-based with computer. In the past, MAYSI-2 was also available in a desktop software format (called MAYSIWARE), but this option was discontinued when the web-based version recently became available. (Sites still using the desktop version of MAYSIWARE may continue using it if they do not update their computer systems to newer versions of Microsoft Windows beyond Windows 7 which will no longer support MAYSIWARE).

Purchasing a MAYSI-2 Manual is necessary for both paper-and-pencil and web-based administration. See MAYSI-2 Manual Purchasing Requirements & User Registration for purchase of the Manual and requirements for users to register with the MAYSI-2 Project.

Paper-and-Pencil Administration

Paper-and-pencil administration uses (a) a MAYSI-2 Questionnaire on which the youth circles Yes or No for the 52 items, (b) a Scoring Key to which the user transfers the youth’s answers to calculate scores for each of the MAYSI-2 scales, and (c) a Scoring Summary form that identifies whether the youth is below or above critical cut-off scores on each scale.

Master copies of each form are provided in pdf format on a disk that comes with the MAYSI-2 Manual (both in English and Spanish), allowing the user to print in any quantity (with no per-case cost beyond the cost of the Manual), provided that the user is registered with the MAYSI-2 Project. If a youth has difficulty reading the MAYSI-2 items (which are written at a 5th grade reading level), the staff member may read each item to the youth while the youth circles Yes or No on a separate questionnaire form.

Web-Based Administration

MAYSI-2 is now available in web-based administration form (called Web MAYSI-2) through a user’s subscription arrangement with Orbis Partners, one of the leading commercial providers of online assessment services. Using this service, a site with internet access can administer the MAYSI-2 by computer or laptop.

It offers these features:

  • Log-on by the user, with proper security;
  • Display of items one-by-one on-screen, while the youth hears the items spoken by headphone (compensating for youths’ reading disabilities; English and Spanish language versions available);
  • The youth responds to each item using either a keyboard or mouse;
  • On the user’s command, automatic scoring to produce MAYSI-2 scale scores, production of a report showing all responses, scale scores, and scales on which the youth is above various critical cut-off scores; and
  • Storage of the youth’s MAYSI-2 in a secure database accessible at any time by the user.
Orbis Partners can work with users on all matters of security required by the user’s agency. Fee schedules for subscription are based on anticipated volume of cases and number of sites of the subscribing agency. For more information about Web MAYSI-2, or to schedule an online demonstration, please contact