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NYSAP Technical Assistance

NYSAP’s primary mission is to improve the quality of screening and assessment in juvenile justice facilities and programs nationwide.   To this end, we provide technical assistance and consultation to such facilities and programs on...

Requesting Assistance...

To request NYSAP technical assistance, please complete our request form. You will receive a response within one to two business days.


Common Juvenile Justice Facilities & Programs To Which We Consult

The most common juvenile justice facilities and programs to which we consult are:

  • juvenile diversion programs
  • juvenile pretrial detention centers
  • juvenile probation offices
  • juvenile correctional and aftercare programs
Our Consultation To Those Programs Assists Them In:

Our consultation to those programs assists them in:

  • Analyzing their needs for screening and assessment;
  • Selecting the most appropriate screening and assessment tools to meet their needs;
  • Deciding best policies and procedures for implementing screening, assessment and linking those data to case planning;
  • Training staff to administer and use screening and assessment tools;
  • Constructing a program’s screening and assessment data bases; and
  • Analyzing data for quality assurance related to screening and assessment.

NYSAP consults not only to individual programs, but to state agencies that oversee juvenile justice programs statewide. For example, we assist state agencies regarding statewide adoption and implementation of screening and assessment in juvenile justice programs. NYSAP also assists states seeking to develop or reform law, policies and practices regarding juveniles’ competence to stand trial.

Please contact us to seek further information.