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MAYSI-2 Language Translations

During the past two decades, NYSAP has collaborated with the publisher of the MAYSI-2 to produce or authorize translation of the MAYSI-2 in 19 languages.  All translations have required NYSAP’s consultation and approval after a process of translation and back-translation monitored by NYSAP. 

English and U.S. Spanish MAYSI-2 Questionnaire

Professional Resource Press, our publisher of MAYSI-2, offers both English and U.S. Spanish versions of the MAYSI-2 Questionnaire.  The English version is satisfactory for English-speaking countries (Australia, Britain, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, and the U.S.A).  The U.S. Spanish version, developed by NYSAP in 2005, has proven satisfactory for the various Spanish dialects spoken in the western, south-western, south-eastern, mid-western, and north-eastern portions of the U.S., as well as most Caribbean nations. 

MAYSI-2 International Standard Mini-Manuals

In 2013, NYSAP collaborated with the International Forensic Screening and Assessment Network for Adolescents (InForSANA) to develop abbreviated manuals for the MAYSI-2 in 10 languages.  The manuals are called the MAYSI-2 International Standard Mini-Manuals.  Each language version of the Mini-Manual, which is offered on CD, also includes the language translation of the MAYSI-2 Questionnaire, the Scoring Form, and the Summary Form.  The languages for which the Mini-Manuals are available include: 

Albanian         Arabic         Catalan         Dutch         French (France)        German         Italian

Portuguese         Russian         Spanish (Spain)   

(The French, German, and Italian versions are also suitable for use in Switzerland.) 

The MAYSI-2 International Standard Mini-Manuals were developed by InForSANA participants in their own countries, working closely with NYSAP and the MAYSI-2 publisher, Professional Resource Press.  The Mini-Manuals are sold and distributed through the central coordinator of InForSANA in Europe:  Robert Vermeiren, M.D., Ph.D., ( at Curium-Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands.   Purchase of a language version of the Mini-Manual provides permission for use of the questionnaire and forms within the program or facility for which it was purchased.  

Other Translations of the MAYSI-2 Questionnaire

With NYSAP’s assistance, several other researchers have produced additional language translations of the MAYSI-2 Questionnaire (but not the manual).  These translations are not sold by Professional Resource Press or other distributors, and they cannot be distributed by the professionals who developed the translations except with permission of the MAYSI-2 publisher and NYSAP.   Beyond the language translations described for the Mini-Manuals, the languages for which there are MAYSI-2 Questionnaire translations include: 

Flemish (Belgium)         French (Canada)         Greek         Korean         Norwegian         Somali

Swedish         Turkish         Vietnamese

Inquiries about the availability of these translations may be made to the MAYSI-2 Help Desk at 508-856-8564.